Tony Bartoli has now traveled from the East Coast to the West Coast... literally sharing inspiration, motivation and Challenge with thousands upon thousands of people. Tony has received invitations to come back to a number of places. In every topic he blends his personal story of life with Cerebral Palsy. In a 25 to 30 minute presentation, Tony can cover one topic and his Personal Story....get challenged and motivated!!!! In longer sessions Tony combines some topics... PLEASE bring Tony out, you won't be let down. Despite having Cerebral Palsy Tony has graduated from high school and graduated from a major university(UCF). He worked full time for 12 years in teaching, counseling, as a youth pastor, and from 1999 to 2003 with Dave Ramsey and the Lampo Group. In 2002, Tony's heart went on overflow about sharing nationally with thousands of kids, teenagers, and adults the messages well.... Just bring Tony out and see.

Is your School (Public or Private) looking for a Bullying Presentation>>any grade level? Brought about in a Personal and relatable way for school students and staff? How about your Company? Looking for a Motivational Speaker to WOW!! the Teams, Leadership, 9 to 5 'ers? To see that tomorrow is not just another day....but opportunity?? What about your College or University?? Students in that (wondering) phase of life? Am I gonna make it.....phew!! that 15 to 18 credit hour course bundle!!! And definitely your Church....a message of Faith, message of Persistance and HOPE???

Hear Tony Bartoli share ....

  • Motivation-- NEVER quench the fire!!
  • Thinking of Others-- taking away selfishness.
  • People-- Should we build up or Do we tear down??
  • Compassion-- we can live the lifestyle and teach it...let's start NOW.
  • BULLYING>>> IT IS affecting America's Schools, Students and Communities.
  • I have Cerebral Palsy-- it's all perspective>> a burden or a teachable tool?
  • The joy of being different.
and more!!!!