Tony's Message

Tony comes from a life-style of being different. He gets out of bed every day with the reality that he has Cerebral Palsy. CP is a form of musuclar dystrophy that affects coordination, muscle control and basic movement. Many people see it as a limitation - a disability. CP results in Tony experiencing many physical and emotional challenges everyday. He knows what it is like to feel that "life has thrown you a curve". Many people think they have it all together and then the bottom drops out. Tony is quick to mention that it is not what happens to us that matters, it is how we respond to the circumstances that really matters. His message is one of being proactive and not giving in to circumstances and finding one's identity in being a victim.

Tony has worked with teenagers since 1993 - as a substitute teacher, youth pastor and motivational speaker. Teens are immediately drawn to his concern and compassion for young people. All over the nation teens have tuned in to see that Tony is different and our differences can make us wonderful.

Bullying has reached epidemic proportions in our culture in America today. It is been found to be a major component that has led to some of the most horrible tragedies this nation has seen since 1999 when two young kids opened up with automatic weapons on their fellow students from Columbine. Unfortunately the tragedies have been repeated in places like Paducah, Kentucky; Oregon, Florida, Texas, and others.

The Bullying Epidemic

Bullying has reached epidemic proportions in our culture in America today.
Did you know that (across the nation) 160,000 students a day miss school from fear of being bullied?

National studies show that 1 out of 3 teens get bullied

90% of teenagers who get bullied say it affects them

85% of the time other teens are present

It is estimated that 60% of bullying takes place at camps

It has to stop!

Tony has the credibility and compassion to command the attention of those being bullied and those doing the bullying because he has lived it. He knows the fear that grips the victim and those who stand by 'uninvolved' but desperately wanting to help in some way. Tony brings practical advice to everyone and shows bystanders how to stand up and make a difference.