What Others Are Saying

Dave Ramsey

Best-Selling Author and Nationally Syndicated Radio Host

"Tony has a personal testimony that will motivate, inspire and challenge your group of youth or adults to overcome obstacles and live a full and meaningful life."

Greg Carson

High School Teacher

"I highly recommend Tony as a speaker to any and all age groups as he has a wonderful ability to get his point across with meaning, compassion, and humor."

Jeff Hartzell

Student Minister

"I saw Tony Bartoli deliver a riveting testimony in the Schools here in west Oklahoma. There were auditoriums full of ( I am way-too-cool-for-this) teenagers brought to the edge of thieir seats."

Blake Thompson

Producer, The Dave Ramsey Show

"Tony has his hand on the pulse of today's youth and hit's kids where they are, because he has lived it. Tony has a remarkable story of overcoming adversity and uses it to help change this world for the better."

Other Testimonies

  • "Tony's testimony and presentation is powerful and compelling and very age appropriate."
    - Rev. Chris Launius, Junior High Student Minister

  • "I encourage you to continue to share your story with students around the country. We live in a culture that needs to hear the truth of your message."
    - Pete Tackett, Youth Pastor, First Baptist, (Columbia, TN)

  • "Tony's testimony and presentation is powerful and compelling and very age appropriate."
    - Junior High Student Minister, Rev. Chris Launius

  • "If you have not heard Tony's personal testimony of grace and courage, you need to!"
    - Gary Young, Youth Pastor, Brentwood Church of the Nazarene

  • "I want you to know that everything you said impacted my life in some way today."
    - Zack, Youth, Broadway Baptist Church (Louisville, KY)

  • "If you're having an outreach event at your church for student or adult ministries, Tony has a wonderful testimony that will inspire your group."
    - Kenneth Purdom, Coordinator of Student Ministries, Highland Park Baptist Church (Columbia, TN)

  • "Tony's talk made me think about how I treat others. . . . . I liked the presentation. The props and stories were great . . . . I'd like to hear him again next semester."
    - Students, Father Ryan High School, (Nashville, TN)