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When you book Tony for a personal appearance you will hear him share his story of God's overcoming power in a young boy's life of rejection, physical struggles, ridicule and fear. With a heart for today's youth, Tony shares events that will challenge and inspire your teens and touch the heart of your adults! Audiences find Tony joyful, energetic, funny and moving.

Tony's passion lies in speaking and getting his message out, not just locally or state-wide, but across the nation. Motivated by national passionate speakers like David Ring (i.e., "I have Cerebral Palsy, what's your problem?) and Dave Ramsey (i.e., The Dave Ramsey Show) Tony travels the nation over to spread his message of inspiration, determination, persistence, forgiveness, compassion and challenges everyone to take a stand for what is right, especially in circumstances when the "strong" should take a stand for the "weak".

Cerebral Palsy has not impacted Tony's speech, thus audiences will have no trouble understanding him. Tony is desirous of being where God wants him. Common events he is willing to speak at include churches, schools, youth rallies or weekends, lock-ins, FCA or Bible Clubs in public high schools, and outreach events. This message will touch the lives of everyone who will listen.

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