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It's a must to address bullying and how it affects many. This cannot be glossed over. Tony Bartoli is a National bullying Speaker with a powerful approach to teach, reach out and most importantly tackle the bullying issue. Tony's message comes from personal it touches lives!

BULLYING, it is a major issue in schools and communities across America and other nations. The issue of bullying is at epidemic levels. Some of the statistics are alarming. --250,000 students A month report a bullying incident in the United States alone --70% of students do not feel their Schools deal adequately with BULLYING. --1 out of 4 students reports being bullied between grades 6 & 10.

And yet, from time to time, some school officials have stated it like this....”No, that would not happen here, not this group”. Or stated as such, “Oh there there, the teasing is common and is a part of growing up”. I actually saw that 2 times in a local news-cast where some school officials and Parents were being interviewed. Parents were concerned that their kids at one particular Middle School were coming home 3 times a week with bullying Reports.

OK....let's get some Real perspective on this. No kid or teenager needs to go through verbal or physical harassment by other students. That’s called bullying and it affects everyone in a school setting and community. We cannot sweep bullying under the rug any longer. With very current incidences being reported and the issue showing up more in the News, this cannot be taken lightly. Take, for instance an article from a bullying research group out in New Jersey (2001) (and that was then). The group found that 8% of Eighth grade students stay home once a month from fear of Being bullied. And how many Eighth-Graders do we have across America??? Let’s not forget international. Recent articles in PEOPLE magazine, USA TODAY newspaper, TIME magazine and others boldly state the bullying issue and its impact on a society. ----one study showed when 200 students were asked how many had been bullied , been a part of or had seen other students get bullied... ALL BUT 6 RAISED THEIR HANDS!!!!

And one other thing… we are in the information age — the way of the internet…and cyber-bullying is huge!

What Can Tony Do For Your Schools

As mentioned in the introduction DVD produced by Blake Thompson (producer of The Dave Ramsey Show)...


Your Kids & Teens fall into one the three categories Tony addresses...
  • Those that are being bullied
  • Those that are the bullies
  • The by-standers—the ones on the outside that can become leaders, step up, and Make a difference

It is time to teach kids about the bullying issue and how to work through it. How to be strong and take a stand when they see classmates or anyone being bullied.

Phew!!! Let’s shake some of the serious-ness loose! In a 30, 45 or 60 minute Presentation…..we’ll laugh together, learn about the bully issue, hear some heart-grabbing true life stories, and be very motivated—maybe a bunch! You’ll leave with a desire to no longer be a by-stander, feel challenged and empowered to make a difference and maybe even shed two or three tears.

My story, my challenge is Educational and will touch your heart. Very inter-active with students, fun and energetic! Teachers and staff take so much from this…promise!

Born with Cerebral Palsy (Muscular Dystrophy), it all started with 2 doctors telling my Mom I would never walk. Then for 5 years in the Public Schools, that bullying group said…”Bartoli, you are never going to get anywhere in Life….you’re just a Cripple!”

Please bring me into your School to share my message. It’s fun, It’s education, It’s High Energy motivation…..all in one hour or less! And at times there is enough room for a Question and Answer exchange. The Kids really get into it!


Through-Out my web-site and some on the DVD, you’ll see my Faith woven through the introduction. Yes, I speak to thousands of Kids, teenagers, Adults every year. I have my faith and beliefs and that’s who I am. In a Public School, I focus, focus, focus on the bullying issue. I do not bring a Bible, quote scripture or discuss religion. I can send a very simple one page outline of what I cover in the schools. School Leaders, please hear my heart-beat on this…we cannot sweep the bullying issue under the rug anymore. We all know it….the Kids & Teens are the future!!!!!